Fireproofing your office has to be one of your top priorities if you are an employer. It is not just about complying with the legal requirements; it is also about keeping your employees safe. Here are a few things you need to consider if you want to provide a safe office environment to your employees:

Check all your electrical equipment regularly

Offices are usually surrounded by electrical equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers, desk lamps, and telephones. While these play an important role in increasing your productivity, they also pose many risks when it comes to fire safety. Regular checking of all these electrical equipment is crucial to minimize electricity-related risks. Apart from checking them up for damage and faults, you should also make sure your employees use them correctly.

Conduct regular tests of your fire detection and warning systems

If you don’t have fire detection or warning system in place, it is high time you got one installed in your office. You should also make sure you test the functioning of your smoke alarms every month, ensuring that everyone around the office can hear the sound. Make sure you install fire sprinklers following the nyc building code.

Set up emergency escape routes

Fire escapes are crucial in commercial buildings to make sure the occupants can leave the premises in case of fire. Whether it is a designated corridor, an external fire escape or even your main office staircase you have to make sure people understand which route to take in case of fire. You have to make sure this route is free from any kind of obstructions such as chairs or plants, and is easily accessible at all times.

Make smoke breaks safer

You have to make sure your employees are well-aware of the fire safety risks that are associated with their mid-morning smoke breaks. You can either assign a designated external space or ask your employees to head out of the building if they want to smoke. You also need to make sure they adopt the correct safety practices while disposing off smoking materials.

Educate your employees about safety

Educating your employees about fire safety is crucial for all offices. They have to be properly trained in using electrical equipment and appliances, handling of smoking materials, and following the essential steps when there is a fire. They should be able to identify hazards and know how to prevent them, should a fire break out in the office. Without proper safety education, no plans, procedures, equipment or signs can be effective enough to handle or prevent fire accidents.