Much talk in this blog about the trends in decorating for the seasons and the years, but there is a style that is always with us between the Top of objects and decorative nuances thanks to its timelessness. I’m talking about, how it could be otherwise, of the forge.

It is a style that truth does not usually create much noise around you but it is always present in the catalogs to a greater or lesser extent, and it is this versatility that always makes it a must.

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Also do not think that forging is rough enough in black color compositions more typical of an industrial decoration, is a belief that we must banish once and for all, as the main objective of forging is precisely the beauty of harmony forms.

If we join the great variety of colors and the continuous advances in technology that enable new designs have the perfect duo to help you find the part you need for home look as it deserves, is the style that is, although that forging is a classic element in rustic style .

Like I said, the forging industry has evolved greatly over the years thanks to the manufactured home, which innovate without ignoring tradition as things should be done.

Personally I like the touch that gives attach to organic materials such as wood by representing the fusion between metal (hard, inorganic, cold) with the above, much warmer and organic, but now you get to stop by the store Domingo Torres and use the comments to tell us what you think, do you dare?