Protecting your home is very important. While you can install security alarms and motion detectors around your home to scare away intruders, it may not be enough. Some thieves will actually grab whatever they can after setting off an alarm, so while you may not lose everything, you may still find yourself replacing expensive electronics or other items. Once someone robs you, it’s almost impossible to track them or your stuff down. However, if you have a security camera in your home, you may be able to get a good look at the thieves and turn them over to the authorities.


There are several different options when it comes to installing home security cameras. If you have a security system through a monitoring company, they may offer security cameras with their system. If so, you don’t have to learn anything about the cameras. The company will install them and run them. If you need to see the footage, you just request it from the security company. Of course, this means strangers may be watching anything you do, and that can make some people uncomfortable. Security companies normally do not look at any camera footage, however, so you shouldn’t worry. They also generally install cameras only in the entryway to your home or on the outside of your home, not in individual rooms.

Most people who install cameras in their home, however, do so themselves. Again, you have some selections. You can install some cameras that are always on. These security cameras usually connect to a television system that features a VCR or, in a more modern system, a DVD recorder. They basically record everything all the time, which means you’ll often have to erase the footage or put in a new disc or tape from time to time. Some of these cameras can be tied to a control panel by the front door and only activate when you leave. Other, more expensive, models feature motion detectors so they only record when they detect something moving. This means you might end up with a lot of video of your dog or cat in addition to video of any intruders.

You can also set up systems with multiple security cameras. This is more complicated, of course, and is almost always more expensive. You may need multiple monitors or monitors capable of handling input from different cameras. However, this type of security camera system is becoming easier thanks to the internet. You can actually install security cameras that you wire into your home internet connection. You then install special software on your computer that handles the feeds from all of the cameras. What’s great about this is that you can put the software on a laptop and then be able to log in to the cameras from anywhere. This means you can check on your home when you’re out of town. These cameras often have a limited amount of memory on them that saves recordings, and you can record the feed using the software, too. This type of high-tech security camera opens up many options and helps insure your home’s safety at all times.