I do not know anyone who does not have the classic blanket, cozy and warm, under which sit and relax on the couch with a good book or a cup of coffee. Or maybe both … This fantastic supplement is more fashionable than ever: no more than shop around decorating shops in any city, and you will find hundreds of models each more beautiful.

Blankets and plaids that come this spring (cause you know: until May 40 …) are light, warm, soft and full of bright colors. And do not hesitate to use them also during the early days of sun terraces and gardens.

plaids for spring

Natural fabrics and full color

What do you think the models in these photos? I personally seem precious. These blankets and plaids of mohair and cashmere, whose colors are a tribute to nature and sea blue sky, green grass and spring leaves, pink and orange flowers and sun … These blankets, are signing Iapetus, but you can also find similar models in other resorts, which are decorated with spring shades. Fabrics also are one hundred percent natural and offer that touch of unequaled quality materials.

On the couch, hammocks, bed…

You can put blankets and plaids on the couch, which contribute to the decor a new touch. They also look great on classic varnished wooden towel next to the seats and the seating area. Another option is to put them in chairs, hammocks and outdoor seating, though, provided they are covered or picking them up when not in use. And I advise you to profit for placing on the quilts or blankets, so that you will change the decor of the bedroom in the blink of an eye…