There are a variety of decorative styles that appeal to all of them is the eclectic style that refers us to an interior, which brought in many items that have little or no relation to each other, but are fused in one aspect attractive and modern. That is, add something like a ladder to the decor, is a groundbreaking element of the design but no less attractive.

Today we suggest then, a decoration of bedroom with a ladder. Behind there are many advantages as simple as that. We recycle a ladder that may no longer serve its purpose first but that can become a decor element, for it can paint as pictured, in white and place as an addition to place ornaments.

bedroom with ladder

We can use it to place in it, books, and other details that complement the decor of the bedroom with a ladder. And clear is practical and original, two of the requirements that all interior decoration and foreign, must be filled out. Moreover, we can place the ladder at any corner of the room where we proved fashion to use.

So now you think take out, a straight left in the attic, is you can look unappealing to paint and decorate and then decorate the bedroom. And she put all sorts of details that do not require much space and we are important in the bedroom, as a jeweler, for example, or we like to have around, as that novel you’re reading.

A New Year of many possibilities to decorate every room in the house, we give you a first idea of the New Year you can use in the kitchen in the hallway, because also this ladder will look good in any environment.