A few months ago we talked about the possibilities offered by the pink when decorating. Well, today we want to continue talking about this feminine color, but focusing on a single room in the house: our beloved kitchen.

It may seem a bit daring you use this color to decorate any area of the home, but in reality, the kitchen is a good place to experiment with colors you normally would not use for other places such as the living room. Want to know more about decorating kitchens in pink? Well join us!

ideas for decorating a kitchen

Different Options

If you like pink and want to use it in any area of your home, today I propose to do in the kitchen. You will have two options: use this color for the most essential elements of the room (furniture, walls, appliances …) or leave it alone for accessories. If you go for the second option, we recommend that combines pink with colors like black or white. You decide!

All kinds of styles

One of the things about pink is that it can look good in all types of environments: rustic, modern, vintage … Either way, the result is extremely aesthetic or your kitchen transmits great force.


If you fear that your kitchen can end up being too feminine or sappy, you can choose to add some elements of this color, for example, textiles, pans and other kitchen utensils. Also not a bad idea to decorate the entire stay in a color like white and pink add a single element to draw attention, such as a refrigerator or microwave.

What do you encourage decorating your kitchen in pink?