The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home or establishment. Yet, many designers tend to design them badly rendering them inappropriate and extremely uncomfortable for use.

There are certain mistakes which can be easily avoided in order to ensure you end up with user-friendly bathroom design.

If you intend to turn things around, you should consider the following factors because they come in handy towards correcting some of those awful designs.

Rather than using adhesives that are non-waterproof, it is advisable to settle for waterproof ones. The assumption has always been that since tiles are waterproof, there is no point of getting waterproof adhesive as well.

Yet, when tiles are used in bathroom design, regardless of how close they get laid are likely to have cracks and with time, water and condensation manages to pass through. When this happens, the tiles start cracking and this causes the walls to fall apart. For the purpose of ensuring that this does not happen, always use a waterproof adhesive.

Choose colors wisely: You need to choose your colors wisely when choosing your bathroom design for the purpose of ensuring that you don’t end up with colors that do little to appeal to your fancy a couple of years down the line. In this case, it is advisable to opt for solid colors that can stand the test of time rather than the trendy and unusual ones that get lose their appeal with time.

Use a shower tray: While you might be tempted to do without one when carrying out your bathroom design for the purpose of saving space, it is advisable to reconsider this.

This is because the shower area will flood easily and this is especially true if the floor is not slanted for the purpose of speeding up the drainage. If you want to enjoy a sense of space and depth, it is advisable to settle for a glass door but not skip on the tray under any circumstances.

When selecting your bathroom design, it is also advisable to ensure your toilet placement is carried out appropriately. Most designers tend to make mistakes and they place the toilet close to the door and the sink at the furthest end. In order to ensure you enjoy some comfort, it is advisable to locate the toilet far from the door.

Your door: If the placement of the door is not evaluated, it is incredibly easy to end up with bad bathroom design. The door should be fixed with enough room to swing it open all the way and close it with as much each. If the bathroom is small, settle for a door which can be opened outwards rather than inwards.

Ventilation: You have to ensure you have enough ventilation in your bathroom. People tend to assume that a window is enough but this is always never the case. In order to ensure you get the most out of your bathroom, leave enough ventilation to ensure that you don’t create conducive environment for mold.

More importantly, you can get rid of bad bathroom design by ensuring that you have enough storage space in your bathroom. Include essential storage space such as closets and cabinets. Regardless of what you might think now, storage is an integral part of bathroom design. If you are not interested in iphone repair fairfax , then you have already missed a lot.