You’ve bought the chocolates, chilled the champagne and artfully arranged sumptuous flowers in a vase. The lighting is set low, soft music plays in the background; everything is perfect. Don’t let the heartbreak of an out of control roach problem spoil your amorous festivities. At Bulwark Exterminating, we maintain a staff of professional exterminators with years of experience in eliminating even your most stubborn six-legged house guests.

For more than 15 years, Bulwark Exterminating has been a leading force for insect eradication. Founded by three brothers, along with their Dad, Bulwark has left a string of satisfied and bug-free customers in its wake by offering dedicated service and attention to detail. Supplying customers with the very best in service and results has allowed us to expand our business. We currently employ over 300 highly trained professionals who care deeply about providing lasting results for our customers. One of the keys to customer success is found in our intense study of the latest techniques and most successful chemical applications for total elimination of pest problems.

Valentine Day

Each insect species has a unique life cycle, nesting habit, reproduction and weakness, requiring mastery of a myriad of elimination techniques. At Bulwark Exterminating, long research through the latest literature, as well as hands-on testing of techniques means we have the most efficient means of ridding your home of pests. Our excellence in delivering results directly led to our placement in the Top 100 Pest Control Companies in the United States. It’s an honor we take seriously in maintaining.

As your home is often your most valuable asset, it’s important to take precautions in protecting it from serious damage by insects. For a professional assessment of your pest infestation. It’s our commitment to you as a customer that you will never wait more than 48 hours for an in-home estimate. In fact, we stand behind our service and if the pests return, so do we, free of charge until they are eliminated forever. We also guarantee our professionals will show up when they say they will; if they don’t, your next regular service is free of charge.