Painting furniture or cabinet doors, disguising the cooling vent with a decorative curtain are not the only ways to change the look of a room. There are a whole range of DIY projects that can make a room go from insipid to inspiring, in not time.

For example, if you have a fireplace but no mantel, it is easy to change. All you need is some home remodeling tips from us to walk you through the project.

I came across a very unusual shelf at a salvage store. The shelf already had brackets so I didn’t have to add them. However, if you find something as basic as a beautiful piece of wood, even a piece of driftwood found on the beach, you can turn it into a unique, one-of-a-kind mantel.


Decorative Brackets

Decorative brackets and corbelsa kind of ornamental bracket that projects from the wall to support a ledge or other architectural feature) can be found everywhere, from lumber yards to craft stores, so your ledge can be held in great style. This project is so simple. Using a level will quickly and accurately assure that you are hanging or installing any object right. ( To use a level, simply align the level on the object you are hanging and adjust it slightly until the air bubbles are centered in the indicated lines).

Get Creative

Once your ledge is installed, you can really get creative. I put three framed flower photos on the ledge, taken by one of my favorite photographers. But a mantelshelf can hold all kinds of decorative and useful items: a clock, candles, several vases filled with fragrant flowers, family photos and statuary… the possibilities are endless.

Don’t overfill

When filling your mantel, keep balance and restraint in mind. You want each object to have importance, so overfilling the shelf may distract from the original beauty of each object.

Maintain the Balance

The balance of texture, material and size are 3 more things to be aware of. when you are arranging your shelf, stand back and look at it once in a while, and don’t be afraid to edit. And remember, of course, that you can change the arrangement whenever it strikes your fancy – once a year, once a month, or every week!

-Thanks a lot for reading my topic – Exotic Mantel Gives Fireplace a New Personality. Hope read and enjoy!