While the bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in the home, it can also have a big impact on our quality of life. In centuries past, most homes did not have plumbing and therefore home owners had to leave the house in order to use the facilities, but plenty of modern conveniences and advancements have helped to change that. These days, we seek to further improve the ambiance and hygiene of our bathrooms by adding a variety of different accessories and fixtures to its layout, but where is a good place to start? Below, we will discuss five bathroom accessories that can add character and functionality to your facilities without breaking the bank.


Delta Seven-Spray Hand Shower

Long gone are the days where you had to deal with a stiff, inflexible shower experience. With a variety of industrial and tech-related advances, you can now have a customized shower experience for a very low price! Items such as the Delta Seven-Spray Hand Shower can be used by anyone and installed in just a few minutes; with an ergonomic handle and a two metre flexible hose, you can reach anywhere and everywhere in the shower on a whim. This Delta shower head can be purchased for around £15 and has features such as an anti-clog system, shower arm mount and a 15-year warranty.

Simplehuman Sensor Pump

Keeping track of grimy soap bars and bottled lotion can be frustrating and expensive, but you no longer have to worry about either, thanks to the Simplehuman Sensor Pump! This £25 device can be used in any bathroom for quick dispensation of soap or lotion, and comes in a beautiful brushed nickel finish. All you have to do is pop in four batteries and you are ready to go. When you place your hand under the sensor, the Simplehuman machine dispenses the loaded liquid in an amount you can specify through the controls. A large container allows for bulk storage of lotion or soap, and ensures no messes are made when refilling.

Eatsmart Precision Plus Scale

What bathroom would be complete without the addition of a smart scale? The Eatsmart Precision Plus Scale can be found on shelves for around £25 and features a variety of benefits many scales do not possess. Simply step onto the scale and it begins to weigh you – with a large backlit LED screen, you’re sure to be able to read the numbers in any lighting. With four sensors embedded in the scale, it works hard to ensure that the weight you see is the weight you are. Whenever you are finished, the scale automatically turns itself off in order to save power.

Heated Towel Rails

Nobody wants to deal with the cold of a winter morning after stepping out of the shower, which is why heated towel rails and radiators have become so popular in recent years. You can find many different types of towel rails that start off at less than £60, making them an affordable solution for any home bathroom. Whether you want an electric or gas-powered solution, you are sure to be able to find one that also adds style and ambiances to the bathroom.

Neiko All-Angle Super Plunger

The plumbing in our bathrooms is a centrepiece of its functionality and appeal: don’t you want to make sure that both are guaranteed? The Neiko All-Angle Super Plunger can come in handy whenever a clog or plumbing problem presents itself. Traditional plungers can only be used in one direction, but the Neiko allows users to plunge from any angle while maintaining a tight seal on the drain in question. You’ll be able to plunge not only toilets, but shower drains and sinks as well. This plunger can be found for just under £10.

These five products can add functionality, appeal or value to your bathroom. While we may not consider the bathroom to be a place where convenience and beauty are key factors, we can change that dynamic and create livable, awe-inspiring atmospheres in this and every other room of the house. With the ideas outlined here, you can begin shopping for these and more accessories to liven up your WC.


Vinnie Ozer has spent years involved with home remodeling and design projects for clients all around the world, and now owns his own towel radiator company in the United Kingdom. He spends most of his days providing customers with access to heating solutions for the bathroom, but still has the time occasionally to weigh in on home remodeling and design.