If you find you are coming home to a tired entrance hall each night it might be time to make a few quick changes to create a more inviting first impression. Here are five simple ways suggested by Palmetto Road Floors, a hardwood flooring company that you can use to spice up your entrance hall:

  1. Flooring: If you have a floor that is uninspired consider adding something that will jazz things up a little. For something more whimsical consider doing a black and white checkerboard tile in vinyl. It wears well and looks smashing. If you like the checkerboard idea but want something more upscale consider using white marble and black granite. You can also do a combination of tiles or marbles to create a border to cordon off the entrance hall and create something reminiscent of Victorian butcher shops with black and white mosaics. Hardwood is another good option and it can be used in two tones or simply installed to carry on throughout the hall and up the stairs. In larger spaces consider adding an area rug to offer some colour and warmth.
  2. Lighting: If you have a dark entrance hall consider adding an attractive hall table flanked with pretty lamps on either side of a mirror. The lights will provide a warm welcome while the mirror will open up the space and reflect the light for more sparkle. You can also consider adding a little drama in a more open space with a chandelier. Whether you go modern or classic with crystal a large chandelier makes a great first impression while providing much needed light. You can even consider replacing your front door with a door that has a window, or if space allows on the side narrow windows can be added. A transom window above the door also lets in light while adding curb appeal.
  3. Storage: Often an entrance hall looks unappealing because it lacks storage. Look for ideas such as antique hall benches with mirrors and hooks or add your own bench made from a storage trunk. You can also add wainscoting or bead board with a series of hooks for quick access to coats and a little shelf below for shoes. Consider adding an armoire with a rack for coats to hide clothes and shoes away.
  4. Accessorize: Consider doing something fun like hanging brightly coloured antique umbrellas on hooks, a collection of door knockers hung on the wall or even place a pair of yellow wellies with a bright yellow slicker above. This can add a little character to your entrance hall and make you smile when you get home each night.
  5. Wall Treatments: Even the smallest of walls can be used to create a focal point in your entrance hall. Consider adding an accent colour in a bold colour or even a wall with gorgeous wallpaper. Large damasks can open up a space even in the tightest area. You can also consider adding accents such as chair rail, bead board or wainscoting for elegant or charming finishing touches.

As you can see it just takes a little creativity to take boring entrance halls drab to fab.