When you go to various retail and gift stores, you have most likely seen many different styles of decorative tape for sale. These decorative tapes have many colorful designs on them. Some of them have pictures, logos of sports teams and other things to help make the package they are placed on look more attractive. Perhaps you have some special artwork that you would like to have applied to a roll of tape. However, you may have no idea where to go in order to have the process completed. Here is some information to help you figure out where to get designs printed on tape.

Ask people in art supply stores

Employees at stores that sell art supplies or crafts may have some knowledge regarding the best places to have your artwork transferred to a roll of tape. They sell rolls of decorative tape every day, so they are very familiar with this product. If they are unable to answer your question, they might be able to put you in contact with the companies that produce the tape.

Designs Printed On Tape

Look online

There are some places on the Internet where you can purchase custom packing tape. They take designs and apply them to tape in order to customize it. You can do a search for companies that sell custom tape and see what results turn up. While most of these sites will only be selling the rolls of decorative tape, you may be able to get lucky and find a few that actually perform the process of taking a picture and putting it on a roll of tape. Be patient because it might take you a while to find this sort of company. However, they are definitely out there, so do not give up.

Arts and crafts chat rooms

The Internet has plenty of chat rooms and message boards for nearly every subject known to man. Arts and crafts are a popular enough subject where you should not have any trouble finding many chat rooms and message boards devoted to it. Once you track down a few of these, you will need to chat with some of the other people hanging out there. Tell the people what you are trying to find. With any luck, someone will be able to answer your question right away. If not, just post your question and check back periodically for replies.