One of the oldest forms of home security is the presence of a guard dog. However, most people assume that they can just get any large dog and it will be able to guard their homes properly. This is not the case as you will need a well trained dog that can protect you and your home. The dog will have to go through specialized training to be able to be both a family pet and a protector. This also includes socialization skills as you cannot simply rely on an aggressive dog to fulfill your needs because eventually you will have a conflict between the dogs and people in general; and this is not acceptable.

There are quite a few breeds of dogs that people like to utilize for home security purposes. You will want to choose a breed that works well with your security needs as well as your family. When a guard dog is properly trained, they should find a balance between being the guardian of the home and property and a loving family pet. The dog should not only alert and bark when an intruder enters your home, but it should also be capable of carrying out the attack when the noise does not scare off the potential threat.


One breed that a lot of people look to when considering a guard dog for home security purposes is the Doberman Pinscher. This dog is not too large, but it is instead a good medium sized animal with a lot of muscles, and this makes it very powerful because it is capable of combining its strength with the endurance that is given to it by its compact size and form. This breed is also routinely chosen because it is completely capable of being trained properly and is generally very obedient and loyal to its owners.

Another common breed for guard dogs is the German Shepherd, and that is because it also has a wonderful combination of agility and strength. It is a dog that is constantly alert, and in the past the breed has been trained to serve a number of functions, from a guide dog to a faithful guard dog. Many trainers recommend working with a German Shepherd because its herding instincts make it a natural born guardian and its size works to make it a dog that can easily back up its threats with an attack on an intruder.

There are things that many people who work in the guard dog industry warns that people should not consider using a dog as a guard for, especially when it is too energetic or aggressive. While you may think that these are good traits to have in an animal that is going to guard your home, they can actually work against your needs of home security. If you get a dog that is too playful and full of energy you will end up with an animal that cannot concentrate on the task at hand and it is a lot harder to control them. If you get an aggressive animal you risk the chance that they could bite you or one of your friends.