Heating and cooling are two main physical processes that are essential for continuation of our normal life and make our lives easier and smoother. We all know that every living organism have a specific body temperature beyond which the organism will not survive.

The transfer of heat from the exterior environment to the interior of our homes is crucial to help in keeping our body maintaining its normal temperature at the same time excessively heated interiors can also turn out to be a major problem.

Thus, various systems are installed in our homes, which involve the heating and cooling principles, for the betterment of our normal lives. Let us consider the principles of transfer of heat to understand the process of heating and cooling better:

heating and cooling

Principles of Heating and Cooling

  • Heat is always transferred from a body at a higher temperature to a body at a lower temperature unless the temperature of both the bodies becomes same.
  • Heat transfer takes place by three processes named as conduction, convection, and radiation.
  • For heat transfer through conduction, a solid material object is essential. It is through conduction that heat is transferred from the ceilings, roofs, asbestos, windows, walls, etc. to the interior of our homes.
  • Radiation is the process by which heat transfer takes place in the form of light. We know that sunlight is also a type of radiation. There is variation in the types of solar radiations like infra-red radiations, ultra-violet radiation, etc. some of which are not so beneficial for our health. It is due to radiation that we can feel the heat coming out of any hot object say for instance the heat emitted by boiling hot water on the gas stove.
  • Convection is the process by which hot air rises up and cold air comes down to take its place. 
  • These heating and cooling mechanism work wonder when applied to home appliances and units.

Installation of Air Conditioners and Room Heaters for Home Improvement

Among all the processes of heat transferred mentioned before, the principle of convection is used for the installation of air conditioners and room heaters. All of us must have noticed at some point in our lives that air conditioners are generally installed at the upper part of the room.

The same thing happens in case of ventilators too. They are placed at the higher ends of the room.This is because, hot air being lighter always rises up. So, they escape through the ventilator or is cooled by the air conditioners.

On the contrary, cold air being heavier settles down that is why room heaters are installed at the bottom of the room to heat up the cold air. These are a couple of examples that are completely based on heating and cooling mechanisms and are applied in our normal lives for the smooth functioning of our life.

Heating and Cooling

Some interesting facts about Heating and Cooling Principles

  • Proper ventilation at home is essential for enhancing the cooling process. Ventilation allows heat from objects to escape and released into the surrounding keeping the inside of the houses cool. This will make you feel cooler, as heat from your body will be radiated to the objects, as heat transfer takes place from a hotter body to a colder body.
  • The roofs are covered with insulating substances so that they transfer less heat, especially in the hot places to keep the interiors cool.
  • The heating and cooling principles are applied to make a number of devices essential for our normal life such as geysers, air coolers, air-conditioners, etc.

Thus, applying the principles of heating and cooling, our daily lives have been made a lot easier and more relaxing than any other. If you need london-kitchens-and-bathrooms , then the team of professionals from london-kitchens-and-bathrooms is here to help you.