Decorating a home is much more than filling it with objects and decorative elements, because the way you decorate your home says a lot about you and your personality and style.

Therefore, the proposals that I like to decorate any stay are those having to do with the most personal part of each, and that makes each and every one of the houses are different, with an original style and says a lot of people living in the house, their tastes, their hobbies …

decorate for the holidays

In this sense, I loved this idea I found and that is to decorate a wall using personal photos. The idea is to use a series of frames equal, the same color (in this case gold frames, but you can use other silver, black, antique white or other tone), with photos taken on vacation, photos of special places and with a meaning …

Images can be many and varied: fill the wall with pictures of a trip special, one of the most beautiful places you’ve visited to a special photo of each and every one of the places visited … The options are many and Best of all is that this alternative can be customized by choosing photos of special places with special meaning.

In addition, one of the best options to get you stand out from the wall near the photos, you can choose to paint the wall in a dark color to give greater prominence to the photos.

Is not it one of the most original alternatives to bring a touch of your personality in the decor of your home? The truth is it can be a good idea to decorate with personality. Have you thought about what pictures could you?