Can you think of the best view you’ve ever had from a window? Maybe you stayed in a sun-filled room where you had a lovely view of the ocean. Maybe you’ve once had the pleasure of waking up to a gorgeous mountain view.A “room with a view” is more than an E. M. Forster novel from 1908, it’s a refreshing experience that we should all get to enjoy at some point.

window placement
Window Placement

Well-placed windows hold the potential to brighten our rooms and lift our spirits. With views of the outdoors, they allow us to connect to our surroundings and get in tune with nature as a part of our daily routine.

Why Do You Need New Windows?

You’re aware that new windows could offer plenty of benefits such as improved lighting and safety to your home. Do you have any other understanding of the value of new windows? Ask any expert for professional advice about windows and they’ll tell you that good windows hold a lot of sway when it comes to your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, air quality, and overall atmosphere.

Here Comes the Sun

As you plan for a window installation, bear in mind how important it is to let plenty of natural light flow into your home. Natural light helps boost our mood, helps us focus, and leads to better sleep. Your window placement should rely on where you want natural light to fall, the time of day when you want more light in a room, and which direction the window would face.

Windows Affect Your Home’s Atmosphere

Depending on where your beliefs lie when it comes to the topic of feng shui (an ancient Chinese system of harmonizing a building through arranging its fixtures), you may or may not be completely behind its principles. You don’t have to buy into feng shui 100%, however, to take note of some of its rules about window placement.

According to the rules of feng shui, it’s best to avoid placing too many windows at the back of a house. The rear of a home is important for the home’s strength, too many windows weakens it. This rule may be applicable to you depending on where your neighbours are located or if the back of the house gets direct light when you’d prefer something softer.

Air and Ventilation

Whether or not your home’s feng shui is at the top of your priority list for your window installation, one of the rules is handy regardless of its origin. Feng shui dictates that the kitchen and bathroom should have at least one window (preferably more) to allow for good ventilation.

Allowing for air flow through the home is key to maintaining comfortable humidity levels and regulating temperature. Kitchen windows that open and close easily can reduce the need to run a noisy hood fan and air out a space as you cook. There are many things to consider when placing new windows in your home. Take these into consideration as you start to imagine opening up your home to light and fresh air.