Spring is in the air, and that means the car lover in your life is probably itching to get into his or her garage. If your home garage leaves a lot to be desired, why not turn it into a mechanic’s dream? It’s the perfect spring project and will bring years of fun and practicality to your property.

Clean It Out

Before you can create a functional mechanic’s garage, you’ll need to clean out the space. Remove anything you’ve been storing in the space and find a new home for it, sell it, donate it, or toss it. Remove anything that could cause people to trip while they’re working on the cars. If you have items you absolutely must store in the garage, consider installing bike racks, shelving, or other storage solutions that will keep items off the floor.

Create Storage for Your Tools

Fixing and rebuilding cars requires a lot of tools, and you’ll need a safe, well-organized space to store them all. After cleaning, it’s time to create your storage space. Consider where you’ll store bulky items first. Can you create a safe area to stack tires and hubcaps, or will you simply buy them as you need them? Next, focus on mid-sized tools. Hang what you can on walls and create sturdy shelving for the rest of them. Finally, jars are a great way to save and store small pieces, such as lug nuts. Many home mechanics recommend buying affordable shelving and drawers. If you want to go higher quality, a rolling toolbox is another good idea.

How To Create the Ultimate Garage

Install the Right Amount of Lighting

Proper lighting in your garage ensures you can work safely on your cars no matter the time of day. Most professional shops use overhead fluorescent lighting. If you intend to work late into the night, you should consider doing the same. Brighter lights make it easier for you to work well into the night without risk of injury or damaging your car. If you intend to work under the car, you’ll need LED flashlights that attach to a helmet or to your hands, making it easier for you to work.

Buy Your Tools

The final step to creating your at-home garage is to purchase the tools you’ll need. Companies such as Bendpak Automotive offer a wide variety of tools at affordable prices. In addition to the basics, consider purchasing more high-end tools as well. You might decide to look into airline kits, lifts or runways, pipe benders, and anti-vibration pads, among others.

Before you begin building your personal mechanic’s garage, you must take one crucial step. Ensure it is legal in your city. Building codes may apply, so always research permits before spending money on equipment for your project.