It is the dream of many women and, increasingly, that of many men. Having a closet at home is not only elegant and chic, but is super comfortable and convenient to keep the clothes and accessories to dress sorted and quickly.

Most closets are located in the bedroom, but other places in the house where they can perform the same function in a more functional such as the bathroom. And there is nothing more practical, if space, they have a bathroom dressing close, do not you think? With this union can wash up and get dressed in the same place.

bathroom dressing


The main thing to have a closet in the bathroom is to have much space, but not the only requirement. One of the most important is to choose materials and finishes resistant to humidity and temperature changes typical of this stay as it may damage the cabinets in no time. Tropical woods and lacquered finishes are options very resistant.

Furthermore, we suggest that you bet on cabinets modular, and that will adapt perfectly to the available space and your own needs.

Space Distribution

As for the distribution of space, the most important thing is you count the inches to open the cabinets, long as you have hinged doors. Of course, if you want to save space, the best thing is you’ll probably go through the doors sliding. In addition, you should not forget that you also need space to change you and dress comfortably.

Other essential elements

Other elements that cannot miss in the closet of your bathroom are a good mirror that lets you see up and down, a chair and shoes off and if you have extra space, a hunk of night.