Breaking down walls is not the only way to get a living room to look and feel enormous — you certainly don’t have to pay the incredible costs of such an extensive renovation. If you want to fix up your living room without breaking the bank, here is how you can make it seem bigger than it is.

  1. Slap On A New Coat Of Paint!

Paint has the power to completely transform an interior space so that it looks big and comfortable — it’s possible to create the illusion of spaciousness when you have some full cans and rollers. If you want to know exactly how to paint a room to look bigger and loftier for your home makeover, you should think of picking bright colours because they will reflect the sunlight coming in through windows and make the walls appear wider. Choose a paint product with a semi or high-gloss instead of a chalkier texture because the extra shine will reflect light. An abundance of sunlight produces a sense of openness and airiness so try to direct as much natural light as you can into your living room.

  1. Upgrade The Windows!

One way that you can instantly coax more natural light into your living room is to update its windows. Find a trusted window and doors distributer like Casa Bella Windows & Doors to help you find the best choices that fit with your wall-space, while also filtering in as much brilliance as possible. Dramatic styles like bay windows or bow windows are popular picks for boosting the look of square-footage. Other smart choices would be plain casement windows or awning windows because they are clear uninterrupted surfaces — windows with grids and divisions can sometimes look smaller even when they are the same size. If you want to see what this company can do for you, browse through their official website or visit one of their showroom locations to learn about new window options that will completely transform your living room.

  1. Trick The Eyes With The Right Treatments!

Once you have the new windows installed, you can use their treatments to make the area seem larger than the reality. Some interior design tips to make your windows look bigger are placing the curtain rod higher along the frame to make the surface look taller, lengthening the rod to make it look wider and using striped fabric patterns to create optical illusions. You can also produce depth by combining two different textures like a thick cotton drape pulled in front of a sheer curtain. Even though these decor tips are effective, it’s important to remember that one of easiest ways to make a room bigger is to push aside the curtains, open up the view and let the light filter through the windows.

These quick renovations will upgrade your interior design and make your living room look open. As a bonus, paint cans, windows and drapes will also cost a lot less than trying to take down walls and starting all over again.