Sure, you voluntarily planned to undergo renovations, but that doesn’t mean you’re calm and collected.It doesn’t matter if you’re only doing a small project or you’re taking on the whole house, any kind of remodelling can get your blood pressure up. Even a seasoned handyperson can feel the pressure.

Don’t let it build until you pop. If you expect to come out the other side of your renovations with your sanity intact, you need to make sure you manage your stress at every step of the way. Follow these sensible, stress-busting tips for the smoothest renovation possible.

Prepare your finances

Money complicates everything, and it can sour relationships with friends, family, and even contractors. Don’t let the financial side of your renovations cause any needless drama in your life. There’s enough of that going on already as you or your contractor tear down walls, pull up flooring, and retrofit the house’s plumbing.

Prepare your finances for your renovations by going through your wish list of improvements and finding their estimated costs. Then review your budget to see how well you’re positioned to cover these expenses. Don’t panic if there’s a gap between your dream renovations and your financial capabilities. You can bridge that gap by tweaking your budget and finding more savings. You can find online resources to help your finances and discover new ways to save money in preparation for your next big project. If that gap is more of a chasm, then give yourself more time to save up.

Be realistic about what you’re planning

Though it’s a good idea to go into your renovations with clear plans outlining what you want to be done, you need to remain flexible if you expect to escape stress. As your renovation gets more complicated, the chances of something going wrong increase. You may encounter delays when there’s a hold on the parts you ordered, when an essential work permit doesn’t come through, or when your contractor discovers an unexpected structural issue affecting your plans.

Don’t be too strict when it comes to deadlines. Give yourself some cushioning in case a surprise repair extends your work.You should also figure out how you’ll handle the cost of these unanticipated additions to your budget. If savings are tight but you face a necessary repair, there are options like MoneyKey that offer cash advance loansto cover these emergency repairs.

Be smart about who you employ

Contractors, but for a few bad apples, are generally a reliable bunch of professionals. That being said, it’s up to you to find those you can trust. Read up on how you can narrow down your search for a contractor in your neighborhood. Whatever you do, make sure the team you hire has the appropriate certificates, licenses, and insurance. You should also do a thorough background check that includes reading customer reviews and calling references.

No matter what you have planned this summer, renovations promise change — and change can be stressful. Don’t let your anxiety over the work wear away your nerves. Though these tips are simple, they can help you keep your cool all renovation long.