Summer days allow us to enjoy one of the most pleasant areas of the House: terrace. But if you only use it as a drying rack or fourth tackle, you’re wasting precious useful meters… A terrace or a balcony decorated irresistibly attract the looks, and if they are arranged with taste can be the star of any housing.

Let’s take a look at a few keys that will allow us to decorate our terrace, balcony or patio without spending a fortune to us. After the Reformation, you won’t want to get out of there…


Wood or composite floors

The first thing we will do is look toward the ground. If it is typical of tiles old and unfashionable, the space will win integers if you cover it with a wood flooring. You can use tiles of slats, made easy to place and tropical wood.
Or if not, choose a quality in the shape of lamellar wood and install directly on the ground. The new floors of composite (mix of cement with wood shavings) are more expensive, but require no maintenance and are preserved in perfect condition for years.

Planters, fabrics and air conditioning systems

After installing the floor, take a gander at the planters and pots. The current trend of commitment to paint them all the same color, for example in white or grey middle. So we make the elements and give a coordinated style throughout the space.

The upholstery in black and white stripes are a success and not go out of fashion; that Yes, have to be special outdoor. If you like environments-style chill-out, do not hesitate to put horizontal bars fixed to the wall with brackets for curtains; You can them to hang large color sarongs.

Finally, if you live in a warm area, then to your terrace or balcony a spray of water or a fan system of steam: for very little money, companies lower the temperature around eight degrees.