You need not have the cleanest home in the county and not the most organized. But, you must have a house that you could love, that your family loves and most importantly you do not get embarrassed when other people come to your home.

It must look like a lived in and loved in ahome. However, being a working mon, there comes a time when you feel overwhelmed by the state of your home. At this time, you realize that you have to do something to make it look better.

For this purpose, you must make a routine and list of things must be included in it that you have to do every day to feel like your home is managed.

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Management of Everyday Tasks

When you are a mother of small kids, then the day become chaotic,and you feel that the time gets away from you. You will feel almost exhausted at the end of the day. However, if you make a routine of making a list of things, you will feel accomplished,and you will think that you have worked in your home. Most importantly, your house will look a little bit more peaceful.

Following are the main tasks that you need to accomplish daily.

1.     Laundry

Do loads of laundry each day. Sometimes, you can also do the two days laundry. It is not necessary that it is foldedeveryday but makes sure it does get washed daily. You can also teach your kids the art of doing household activities. This will help you in your domestic work and as well as make them smarter.

2.     Dish Washing

Another thing that you need to do everyday is to do wash your disheson a daily basis. Keep your kitchen sink empty, clean and scrubbed. Every morning you will haveadecent kitchen to make breakfast as fast as you want to do at that time.

It will make you feel great to walk into your kitchen and to see it neat, clean and shiny.

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3.     Meal Planning

If you like to cook from home, it is easy for your budget and good for your family. You can get a lot of healthy foods in there. But being a working woman, you would feel tired and do not want to cook ameal.

So, you can have a backup plan for what you would like to have the day after today. You must have a plan to eat from home along with a backup plan for doing it quickly, like; you can use aslow cooker for making your dinner.

4.     Cleaning Schedule

You can focus on a different set of rooms on different days of the week. It will make it easy for you to manage and also helps in cleaning the home on a regular basis. The cleaning of toilets and bathrooms must be done daily as they are frequently used every day, so they need proper cleaning daily.

These are some of the tips that you can follow to make your life a little easier than ever before.