It’s no secret that today’s real estate market is in a slump. The recession has hit everyone pretty hard, and homeowners are having an awful time trying to sell their home for what it’s really worth. Some families don’t have time to wait for the right buyer to come along and pay the asking price, and they end up settling for tens of thousands of dollars less than what they thought they would be getting.  Maintaining home’s value in a real estate crisis is extremely important. Just remember while cutting spending that it’s not smart to cut home repairs and upkeep – you’ll regret it later.

Maintain Home Value


Let’s start with the floors. If you have ill-kept hardwood floors, that is one of the major reasons for dissatisfaction and price reduction when someone is touring a home. Have your hardwood floors repairs, with floors sealed, and waxed at least once a year to keep them looking impeccable. For carpeted floors, make sure that you’re proud of every square inch. If there are loose threads or stains, make sure to have a carpet cleaning company provide you with top-notch carpet cleaning and carpet repairs.

Interior Design

You home doesn’t need to have the immaculate design of a model home, nor should it appear like no one lives there, but it should look impressive. Choose decor that compliments the room and the amount of sunlight the windows provide. Have your drapes and furniture freshened every year by a professional upholstery cleaning business.

Home Remodeling

One drastic way to keep the price up is home remodeling. Not only will you be happier living there, you’ll also be able to ask more for the changes when the time comes to sell your home.

Many neighborhoods feature “cookie cutter houses,” which have virtually identical floor plans from house to house. The architects who designed it don’t know what it’s like to live there, so make the best possible use of the space in your home. If you wish you had a bigger kitchen and a smaller den, or maybe a bigger closet instead of a third half bath, save up to make the changes and consider your home remodeling budget.

You never know when something will come up that will require your family to uproot and make a new home, so it’s always good to make sure that your home is in tip-top condition at all times – just in case. Keep these home improvement ideas in mind to keep the quality up and make sure your home sells for an acceptable price whenever you need it.

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