As I have said on many occasions, homes are getting smaller each time because there is less room to build. Thus, most practical solutions we are interested for homes with few square meters that give us the different signatures of furniture and decoration.

In stores IKEA, for example, you’ll find multiple solutions for every room in the house, as the full kitchen in a small space; we offer you the other day, or the small but large kitchen in style and storage that you have taught this purpose week. Well, today we want to show another proposal of the Swedish giant to lack of space, but this time it is the bathroom. Are we along?

multifunctional bedroom bathroom

Bathroom and laundry room in the same space

Get a convenient and bathroom multifunctional in a small space is possible if you follow some of the recommendations of IKEA. And the Swedish retailer offers a perfect solution for those bathrooms that lack of space in the rest of the house should also use this as a laundry room.

Solutions for a small sink

What we propose from the Nordic company is to place a handy little sink and a tall cabinet for laundry. In addition, IKEA and think of everything, they also propose a shelf built into the sink to brush teeth not fall, a soap dish with drainage holes, and a deep tray to wash the little things and towel racks on the side.

A closet for laundry

We want to say goodbye again speak of the element that has caught our attention: the cabinet for laundry. As you can see from the picture that we show up, this is a small closet with holes to put the clothes quickly and removable baskets. Thus, do laundry you will find very simple.