The home security systems of the past have become outdated. It’s, therefore, a good idea to make sure your security system is still offering you current technology. If not, you may need to change it. There are some ways you can easily check if your system is outdated.

Your Home Security System has Never Been Updated
Getting a top of the line home security system is easier than it used to be. You can bundle your security systems in with your Cable and Internet. Plus, you will know that system is offering you the newest technology.

Burglars are only becoming more advanced and educated with the easy access to information on the Internet. This means you have to stay on top of things, as well. If your system is behind technologically then there is a very good chance that a burglar is going to be able to find a way around that system. Your system serves one purpose and that is to protect your home and everyone in it. You want to know it is doing that job well by having a system in place which uses the most advanced technology.


If you have a system which is a non-monitored system it will sound off a loud alarm, but not alert the police of a potential problem. While the sound may scare off a burglar, you still want to have the peace of mind of knowing the authorities are on their way.

Your Home Security System Uses Land Lines

If your home security system is still using land lines to connect with the police, then you would be better off to update to a new one. The way modern systems now communicate with local authorities is much more secure. It is very possible for a burglar to locate the phone lines to your home and cut those lines. Once the burglar has done this, they will have full access to your home without your system being able to communicate.

Your Home Security System Uses Hard Wired Sensors

Wired sensors on the windows and doors are a potential security risk. There are ways an experienced burglar can disable these sensors, including cutting them. Your security system should be using sensors on your windows and doors in which nothing is visible.

Your System Still Uses a Single Keypad

If your system is still using a single keypad then it may be time to upgrade. There are now systems that don’t use one at all. It is relatively easy to disable some of the older systems simply by destroying the keypad, which is generally placed right near the front door. Using a system with a remote control is a much safer way for you to secure your home.

Low Quality Security Cameras

If your security system has low quality cameras then this poses a big problem. The security systems of today allow clear and crisp pictures where you can readily identify a potential burglar. The police will need to have access to clear pictures if they are going to be able to use them in order to identify and/or locate a person who has attempted to, or broken into, your home. Wireless security cameras are also great choices.