With so many first-time buyers struggling to get a foot on the property ladder, purchasing your first property is one of the most challenging, albeit rewarding, decisions you will probably ever make.

If you’re in the market for a new home then there are numerous things you’ll need to take into account … and here are the main ones.

Why buy new?

Buying a brand new property has a major advantage – and that is that no one else will have lived in your property or ruined any of the finishes. From the decor and furnishings to the fittings and decorations, you’ll be faced with a blank and pristine canvas on which to put your own personal stamp.


Another advantage of purchasing a new property is that there should be no problems involving the structural exterior. Old buildings, such as tenements, can be susceptible to dry and wet rot but this is not the case with new buildings. Newer buildings offer proper insulation along with substantial structures and even if you are unlucky enough to discover a fault the building company will usually fix this for you.

Can it be personalised?

Just because you are purchasing a new build in a development that has many other identical houses doesn’t mean that you can’t add your own stamp to it. Opt for a rustic interior to contrast the modern exterior or kit out your new home with futuristic gadgets and personal items (including photos) to show that this place is truly yours.

You can also make changes to the exterior appearance by changing the front door, painting the walls or changing the garden. All this will make your new home stand out from the others on the block and show passersby that it is a unique property.

Where can I find them?

As the UK continues to supply enough new homes to meet rising demand, you’ll find a number of developments springing up all over the country. New homes for sale in Midhurst are just one example of the sort of area you could target in your search and is a great family-friendly location for those thinking of starting a family.

It is important to choose the location of your home carefully and consider various factors such as crime rates, neighbourhoods and proximity to key amenities such as transport links, schools and healthcare services.

You may also want to consider how close you want to live to friends or family – especially if you are thinking of starting a family.