The guest bedroom is often the most overlooked of many houses. As it is used continually, often ends up being the place where they will stop the furniture older or outdated. It’s a shame, because few things are more enjoyable to come to a house and stay in a nice bedroom…

Typically, our budget for decorating the spaces we allocate the more we use them as our own living room or bedroom. But you must know that with little money and details successful, can have guest rooms cozy and modern.

how to decorate a guest room

Autumn Tones

My advice is to profit these days to redecorate your guest room and give a new look, facing the fall. When ye sure about, you will be wanting to come and visit you … You can inspire in the new season to bring touches of warm colors and “Autumn”: ocher, red and orange, yellow, old gold, olive green …

However, also must take into account that the light is going to diminish, to increase the brightness, so leave the walls and ceiling painted white or very light colored.

Neutral colors and desk area

As this room is designed to accommodate very different people, it’s best to decorate it in a rather neutral and then add splashes of color that give personality. For example, you can paint the walls and put off-white curtains, bedding and cushions in the same shade or in the range of beiges. A few touches in navy, maroon or green will be perfect.

Another good idea is to place a desk area, if only a small shelf with a chair and a lamp. Besides creating a convenient corner for whom you visit when the room is not in use you can take advantage of as a work or study.