With so many sizes, styles, and features to choose from, bar furniture has never been more accessible. You don’t have to be a professional bartender or own an expansive wine cellar in your basement to enjoy the luxury of a home bar anymore. In fact, the toughest obstacle you may face in the process is deciding which piece is best for your house. Here are five tips for choosing the right bar for your home.

  1. Consider Your Drink of Choice

Let’s get right to the important part, your drink of choice. There are myriad custom designed bars to pick from. Wine aficionados, for example, may appreciate the simplicity of a perfectly curated cabinet made just for storing bottles of reds and whites. While some bars are specifically built for wine, others have room to accommodate the varying shapes of fine liquor bottles for entertainers with more general tastes.


  1. Amount of Storage Desired

Besides liquor, think about what else you’d like to store in your bar. Some are equipped to stow stemware, bottle openers, mixers, plates, and any other entertaining accessories you could imagine. Even if you need lots of storage, it doesn’t mean the bar has to be bulky. Some designs are collapsible while others have expandable shelving and doors.

  1. Portability

In addition to storage, you should also consider where in your home you will set up the bar. If you’re creating a basement or single room reserved for entertaining, for example, you may want to go with a stationary design that will stay in place as a centerpiece of the area. If you’d prefer to be mobile, there are several portable options available. Portable doesn’t mean you have to lug heavy furniture around; mobile designs are wheeled so you can bring the bar with you anywhere in your home.

  1. Dimensions

With so many features to choose from, don’t forget to factor in practical aspects like dimensions and shape. If you’re considering a particular area of your house to set up a bar, be sure to measure the space first so you know what size of furniture to look for. Should you want to include seating with your bar, make sure to allow enough room for chairs and tables as needed. If you’re limited in space, look for a bar with a unique shape and clever storage.

  1. Style

While there’s hardly anything more exciting than adding a new entertainment piece to your home, don’t forget to factor in the rest of your decor and style in your house. You want a bar that reflects your personal taste as much as it complements the rest of the furniture in your house. For a modern touch, go for a neutral bar in black or white. For a more natural look, choose a piece designed from wood.

With so many bars to choose from, the options are only as limited as your ideas for your personal entertainment space.