Designing a dream kitchen can be a reality when using the right interior design and renovation services. The process of renovating a kitchen space starts with a simple consultation involving a reputable company that specializes in home remodeling. Knockout Renovation is a type of company that offers professional kitchen remodeling services. To get started with a kitchen remodeling project, potential clients need to fill out the design questionnaire that is reviewed by the renovation company. Most of the design process is done on the computer using advanced software programs such as CAD (Computer Assisted Design.) Such software allows for easy manipulation of a kitchen design including layout, materials, lighting fixtures, appliances and other decorative items.

When remodeling a kitchen, customers can consider some popular layouts such as island, L shape, U shape, hallway, peninsula and open. During the design process, the automatic computer software also analyzes important factors such as the kitchen work triangle. The work triangle concept refers to the perimeter of an imaginary triangle that connects the refrigerator, sink and cooking top. In fact, professional architects often use the work triangle concept to design a kitchen space that is efficient and comfortable to use. The kitchen floor can also be designed in popular materials such as hardwood or tile made from different materials like natural stone and ceramic.

The core of the design process for a kitchen renovation involves setting up the permanent structures such as cabinetry and counter tops. After selecting the wooden materials and finishes of these structures, homeowners can then proceed to design the rest of the kitchen around the installations. The dimensions of the cabinets and counter tops will determine the size of the appliances that can be properly placed in a kitchen space. The newly designed cabinets should not obstruct any existing plumbing and wiring. All of these technical details can be seen on a computer screen before making any physical installation that would be difficult to reverse later on.

A computer CAD software program can show clients three dimensional tours of what the future kitchen is supposed to look like upon completion. Such software allows for manipulation of different lighting fixtures to see the illumination effects on the selected cabinets and appliances. After the digital blueprints are complete, a kitchen remodeling project can begin. Professional renovation experts usually start by taking apart old cabinets, removing floors, disconnecting and moving away all appliances.