One of the main problems that many people face when decorating their homes is, without doubt, the lack of space. And is that houses are not exactly spacious common and, on the contrary, there are many who need a little extra space in their homes.

There are many great ideas and alternatives that can work perfectly when maximizing the space and, in turn, put a touch of style to the decor of your home.

saving space ideas

An example of combining stylish decor and a modern and contemporary, while you get maximum use of space, is pictured above. The key idea is to create double spaces, heights, at different points in the house.

For example, to maximize space in the living room, you can do two heights on one end. The bottom can put a mini kitchen, a television cabinet, library … At the top you can place a sort of living room with TV, an area for reading or listening to music, playing with game or put a rest area or a bed for guests.

To connect the two heights, all you have to do is place a ladder to communicate them, a perfect choice to decorate with style and putting a touch of personality to the room.

Is not it a great option for decorating with style and fashionable? The truth is that this is a great way to maximize space at home creating different heights, communicating them in a very simple, with just a ladder, something that can get out at a good price and also can adapt to the style and personality of your home.