Now a day a construction and demand for flats has increased to a greater level. The rich sections of the society are willing to have more than one flat. So for them we present huge number of good flats and other property also. Anyone who is willing to have houses of their own can also get it over here. The price quotation is also good enough for the buyers to take interest in it. We give the buyer every advantage that they are looking for to have a good property of their own.

Some of the important facts that you need to look around while buying a property is that the weather and property has got any such problem because once you buy it then you might fall into trouble, which would lead to harassment. The real estate agents also play some of the tricks to get hold of your money. We will discuss below some tips and tricks for buying flat / property.


As we all know that the real estate agents helps us to buy property but sometimes it happens that they prevent us to buy property, which is known as blocking. This happens because it is their plan to make some other contract or grab the property of their own. Another reason might be that the agent has got a buyer who with the help of the agent is taking out mortgage. This in turns helps the agent to get more commission than selling away the property.

Stock shift

There are agents who can sell property listed under them. Beyond that they cannot. They work very well in these by convincing the buyer to buy the property under them in return they get the commission. This is known as stock shift, where the buyer compromises the property that they have dreamt off and buys some other property.


Other ways are there that the seller can put up to convince the buyer or force him to buy a particular property. They can put up a lot of buyers at the same point of time to watch a particular property or they can put up offers on that property to sell it. Putting up lot of buyers indicate that the property is in great demand.

Price pump

A first trick that they use is to show the type of offers they are having on a particular property and raises the price by telling the buyer for a higher bid or else he is going to lose the property.

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