With respect to a bathroom decoration, every inch count. If you have a bathroom to decorate, then check out our fabulous tips. We guarantee that space will be worthy to appear in a magazine decor and will be the envy of your visits.

Get inspired by these ideas and easy tricks to decorating to transform a small bathroom in a neighborhood full of comfort and beauty division.

bedroom decorating tips

Touch of color

A bathroom with predominantly white color in decorating can seem spacious, but a bit cold and unwelcoming.

The secret to a cozier then proceeds to give it a touch of color. In the image below, for example, we chose to add a vibrant shade of pink to space, specifically in the curtain. Maintain a sense of spaciousness in the division, but the appointment of color on the wall, it makes far more cheerful and special division.

Standout piece

A piece of furniture or decoration that stands out from the rest may give more interest to the division. An imposing and larger mobile, different style or color can make all the difference in the bathroom decor. In the image below we used a mobile classic style that contrasts with the color of the wood floor and the doors, but still blends well.

Make good use of the space
Choose to put in the bathroom sinks with integrated shelves or sinks in that you can put shelves or other systems of storage underneath. In a small bathroom can also choose to use wicker baskets, or any other natural fiber, for storage under the sink. Choose to open a mobile sink, rather than a closed, for example, it allows you to gain more storage space.

Eliminate clutter

To cut through the clutter should look for ways organizing strategies that allow to better taking advantage of the available space. For example, pay close attention to the products and decorative accessories or beauty that has arranged on top of the sink counter top. Most likely you do not need to have so many elements and exposed to view. Many of the products and elements can have this up or do you lack or until the expiration of the period of validity. Remember that a bathroom just too crowded and disorganized, hopelessly, to seem somewhat warm and cozy.


The decoration of a bathroom little needs to be well planned, because the space has some limitations. For example, choosing a floor tile large will fool our eyes and create the illusion that the space is larger than it really is.

Combine the white and gray is also an excellent choice, giving the bathroom a touch of high modernity.