The living room is a key space in most houses, whether you choose to spend your evenings cuddled up on the sofas watching television, or you enjoy entertaining friends and relatives at the weekends. There are some great design ideas out there to add a personal touch and really bring your living space to life.

Injecting personal touches to your living room

Your home should reflect your experiences, your personality and the things, people and places you love, and the living room is an ideal place to showcase your taste and style. If you are big on family and friends, why not create a photo collage, hang a multi-aperture frame or design a canvas to decorate the walls or place a series of frames on your shelves? Travelling is a major source of inspiration for many people when designing their home and if you have mementos, pictures or ornaments, these will look great on a side table, shelving unit or display cabinet.


Creating a relaxing atmosphere

Most people want to relax and unwind after a busy day at work or school and sofas are a very important feature of any living room. Choose a sofa, which looks appealing, but remember that comfort is as important as style; when you visit a showroom, take the time to rest your weary legs and test drive the sofas you like the look of.

Adding cushions, throws and blankets adds a homely touch, especially in the winter months and this is also a great way of adding different colours, tones and patterns to your room. Candles and lamps can also make your living space look and feel really cosy.

Choosing the right colours

It can be difficult to choose colours for a living room, especially if your home is a blank canvas, but you should go for tones that you like and suit the style of your home. It’s best to avoid going crazy with colour, especially if you are seeking to create a peaceful oasis, but matching complementary tones and adding touches of colour can be really effective. Try looking at magazines and interior design blogs for inspiration.