Hiring a decorator to take care of your interior design needs can be a great way to ensure you get the best results. However, there are also plenty of things that can go wrong. You’ll be working closely together to ensure you get the results you’re looking for; therefore you need to choose somebody you’re comfortable working with.

Here are some top tips to follow when working with your interior designer to ensure you end up with the best results.

Fixed fee or hourly rate?

The first thing you’ll want to get to grips with is the cost. No two decorators are the same; some will charge a fixed rate for their services while others will charge per hour.


The size of the job at hand will determine which option you should take. If you’re planning on having the entire home decorated by a professional then a fixed rate fee would likely be your best option. However, if you simply want a few tips and advice on how to decorate the hallway then the hourly fee could work out much more affordable.

Knowing what you want

One of the reasons you’re likely thinking of hiring a decorator is because you want their input into the design of the property. However, you need to have a rough idea of what it is you want before you hire a professional.

What is your preferred style? If you figure this out before you meet with the decorator you could save a lot of money. Your first couple of sessions will involve getting to know your style and what it is that you want so if you have this information well-defined from the get go then it will cut down on the time and money spent considerably.

Give the decorator an idea of your lifestyle

Being open about your lifestyle will help the decorator to plan a design that fits your daily needs. Do you plan on having a baby or a puppy in the near future? If so this will make a big difference to the layout of the home. Perhaps storage is a big concern for you? Let the decorator know your needs and they will be able to create the best design to suit your lifestyle. Overall, a decorator can really help you to achieve a harmonious, aesthetically pleasing home design.

Following the tips above will ensure you work well together and end up with the best possible results.